Fresh strawberries for us this weekend. He tore up one whole basket of these sweet pleasures in a matter of minutes. At first I was worried because I thought he just ate four dollars in about ten minutes. It stifled me because my first reaction is to always watch your money, which I do. When you grow up with a working class mother who was raised by working poor parents your reality is counting the pennies you have and making them spread out as far as possible. Lately I have been becoming more flexible with my funds and trying to not worry as much about having enough dinero for bills. That is a scary thought for working class parents. We are always on the verge of poverty if we become too careless. Somehow I have been able to relax my stresses lately and not allow myself to feel the pressures of school debt, living in a ridiculously high cost area, affording my child’s expenses and paying back the baby mama court ordered child support. Somehow I get it all done at the end of the month, then the beginning of the month and the middle of the month again. It’s never ending for the working class it seems. So my lesson learned; buy a strawberry, he eats a strawberry, buy another strawberry and he’ll eat that one also. Yet that strawberry red tainted mouth with a smile is so worth it. It’ll always be this way!

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